In addition enterprises enjoy preferential policies related to national, province, city, will also enjoy the support of the Guangzhou Development Zone Industrial Policy support. With the Guangzhou Development Zone of Luogang District science and technology policy on science and technology and Information Bureau.

The biological industry support policy

The bio industry support policy

(a) [D] the reward area in the bio industry development funds in the arrangements for the annual amount of 10000000 yuan, to support the biological enterprise, research and development of new drugs and medical devices. Identified by the district administrative department of science and technology, given the following incentives to meet the annual project reporting conditions of enterprises and institutions: 1, to obtain approval for drug clinical research, to give more than 100000 yuan (including 100000 yuan) and 500000 yuan (including 500000 yuan) of the one-time award; 2, to obtain a new drug certificate, give 500000 yuan (including 500000 yuan) and 2000000 yuan (including 2000000 yuan) of the one-time award; 3, at the same time to obtain medical device product registration certificate and the certificate of patent for invention, give more than 100000 yuan (including 100000 yuan)

The project of science and technology policy

The project of science and technology policy

(a) in the area of outstanding scientific and technological projects, district science and technology departments to support independent project, technology development funds amounted to 300000000 yuan. (two) 100% to support various projects for the state funded capital support; support 70% of all kinds of scientific and technological project won the provincial science and Technology Department funded capital support; support for various projects for funding were given 50% capital support. (three) to obtain funding for the intergovernmental cooperation of foreign science and technology R & D project, give no more than 30% of the amount of funding the project funds, 2000000 yuan to give maximum support. (four) on the R & D institutions to obtain the National Engineering Research and development center, National Key Laboratory of qualifications, a one-time grant of not more than 300

The talent incentive policy

On personnel incentive policy

(a) give leading talents including project start-up capital, funding, site risk investment, financial aid, the maximum can reach 15000000 yuan per person. (two) the science and technology backbone talents have made outstanding contributions in the development of science and technology and industrialization, R & D subsidies, housing subsidies, training subsidies funded, for each backbone talent three years 6-7 million subsidy. (three) give excellent talents one-time award 30000 yuan. (four) enterprises or organizations to achieve the business contribution award conditions and apply business award, senior management personnel to comply with the conditions of the award enterprises or institutions, shall be rewarded according to their taxable income of 8% per person, the amount does not exceed 1 of the maximum reward

Policies related to intellectual property protection

The relevant policies for the protection of intellectual property rights

(a) for the identification of the intellectual property system for exemplary enterprises give the following support: each for 1 patents, patent agency fees 3000 yuan subsidy; encourage and support enterprises action to protect intellectual property, the application of the enterprise, technical appraisal fees required for the investigation of the subsidy, the subsidy amount for each case required technical appraisal fee of 50%, the maximum amount of 5000 yuan / case. (two) domestic invention patent application, when the examination fee subsidies: 3500 yuan / piece (including novelty search fee); foreign patents in the application fee subsidies: 10000 yuan / piece, PCT international patent application fee 5000 yuan / piece. (three) the invention patent authorization of access to domestic funding: 5000 yuan / piece; authorized access to foreign funding: 1000 [] view details...

Headquarters economy policy

The headquarters of economic policy

(a) a one-time award who meets one of the following conditions of enterprises or institutions located in this area, approved by the compliance with the provisions of the measures for the conditions, one-time award given to 2000000 yuan. 1 of the world's top 500 enterprises in the establishment of the registered capital of a wholly owned investment reached US $30000000 in a separate legal entity; 2 central large enterprises (Group), China enterprise 500 or Chinese top 500 private enterprises in the establishment of the registered capital of a wholly-owned investment reached 100000000 yuan of independent legal entity. (two) Business Award for contributions to meet one of the following circumstances, can apply for Business Award: 1 application by enterprises or institutions, since settled after the next year, on a fiscal year in this area into tawna...

Policies to support high growth enterprises

Support policy of high growth enterprises

"Gazelle enterprise finds Luogang District Guangzhou Development Zone to support the Trial Measures"

Science and technology policy

Technology finance policy

"Implementation Opinions on accelerating the financial development in science and technology"